[mythtv-users] mythweb header information error

Mark Boyum mark at boyum.us
Fri Nov 20 03:57:23 UTC 2009

On Thu, Nov 19, 2009 at 2:34 PM, GXL.nl <info at gxl.nl> wrote:

>  Since its working here I can't test anything but changing line 16 in
> usr/share/mythtv/mythweb/modules/_shared/tmpl/default/header.php
> from:
> header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8");
> to:
> if (!headers_sent())  header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8");
> should get you going again. However this is not a fix for this problem
> since it seems indeed that the file is included twice, but maybe this way
> you can confirm you see the page twice?
> NIjn
I tried that and it removed the error.  Unfortunately Mythweb continues to
only display two MythTV logos in the browser.
I am unfamiliar with php and at a loss.
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