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Tue Nov 17 13:52:17 UTC 2009

, I think I<br>
should be able to get good HD playback of the recordings if I upgrade<br>
my video card to:<br>
<a href=3D"
4" target=3D"_blank">
But, as my processor is pretty old, and rather underpowered, I&#39;m<br>
looking for feedback from the community to see if anyone has had<br>
success with similar hardware.<br>
</blockquote></div><br>I have an AMD Sempron 3000+ (also 1.8 GHz) on my fro=
ntend which I run with VDPAU and this card ... <a href=3D"http://www.newegg=
<br>It works flawlessly on recordings from my HDHR, I don&#39;t have an HD-=
PVR so I can&#39;t speak for that but I imagine it wouldn&#39;t be much dif=


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