[mythtv-users] genaral video metadata, and jamu or fill_mythvideo_metadata.pl

Doug Vaughan r.d.vaughan at rogers.com
Thu Nov 19 13:47:50 UTC 2009

    I am only replying to the Jamu part of your email. Jamu will 
populate the image fields in the videometadata records only with the 
image's filename when you use Storage Groups for your image directories. 
MythVideo uses the storage group directory for the image type and 
combines it with what is in the videometadata record to get an absolute 
image file path.

At least on the surface this sounds like it may be a configuration issue 
of storage groups and FE video and image settings. A way to check this 
is to use MythVideo to update the metadata (use the "w" key). If 
MythVideo does display the downloaded graphics then see what it has in 
the database image fields. If you reply to this email please add which 
version of Jamu you are using *./jamu -v".

FYI: Mixing Storage Groups with identical paths in your front end video 
settings will lead to duplicates in MythVideo.


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