[mythtv-users] Two mythtv machines and confusion

stan stanlist at cox.net
Thu Nov 19 06:28:10 UTC 2009

I have two machines (call them A and B) running mythtv independently.  The
each consider themselves as the master backend.

Machine A is sitting next to the TV and will be used for real playback.
It's recording input will be QAM from a raw Cox cable TV feed split ahead of
the set top box.  Hopefully, I can get program guide information from clear
QAM channels themselves.

Machine B is in another room and drives a small monitor.  It's location
allows for good OTA reception so it's recording input will be OTA ATSC.
Program guide information will be from the ATSC stations themselves. I might
watch recordings on the small monitor from time to time.

I'd like to connect the machines, making one a master backend and one a
slave backend.  I think I want to store all recordings on machine A because
it might be better to have the programs on a local disk for playback.


1.  Which machine should be master and which should be slave?  Does the
master need to be running to play back on a slave?  I'd like to avoid
powering on machine B just to play back from machine A.

2.  Where is program information stored?  All in the master machine's
database, or some in each?

3.  Where is the recorded program information stored (file pointers,
commercial flagging, etc.)? All in the master machine's database, or some in

4.  Can I somehow tell mythtv to store all programs on machine A, or do I
force this with appropriate NFS mounts?  If I do use NFS mounts can both
machines point to /media on machine A?

5.  If channel numbers turn out to have conflicts between the two sources
(cable QAM and OTA ATSC), will I be able to tell which is which?  Is this
where the "source name" is used that mythtv never had to show me before?


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