[mythtv-users] new server: schedules direct and scte65scan

Matt Beadon matt.beadon at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 02:01:05 UTC 2009

> I should point out that what scte65scan produces (at least for me in
> my area) is a list of standard definition channels only.  There are a
> bunch of high definition channels that are perfectly recordable by the
> HDHR but won't appear in the scte65scan output.  You still need to add
> these channels by some other means if you want your mythtv to see
> them.

Have you used the "-p" option?

Desc:  In-band scan for SCTE-65 tables
Usage: scte65scan [OPTION]... [FILE]...
-p      also scan for ATSC PSIP data
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