[mythtv-users] New video card recommendations (was: No TV afterupgrade to .22 using PVR-350 TVOUT -help!)

Craig Isdahl craig at dashsystems.com
Thu Nov 19 00:37:33 UTC 2009

First off, thanks for all the assistance - this list and mythtv rock!

I've purchased the Geoforce 8400 GS and before I start installing I thought
I'd try to gather some additional knowledge.

As you know I was using the PVR-350 (s-video) for video, do I need to remove
anything before installing the 8400GS (ivtv-kmdl, video4linux).

I see all the nvidia files on atrpms but I'm not sure how to tell what I need:
based on what I can find in the wiki I need the following: nvidia-graphics,
nvidia-graphics-libs, nvidia-graphics-devel and nvidia-graphics-kmdl.

I don't understand the versioning, so any light you can shed on that for me
would be great.  For example, are the different versions related to releases
or specific cards?


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