[mythtv-users] Poll: Anyone NOT experiencing >10% cpu in the menu on 0.22 ?

Derek & Cindi Cass cass at casscoenterprises.com
Wed Nov 18 23:32:34 UTC 2009

On Wed, Nov 18, 2009 at 4:28 PM, jansenj <jansenj+myth[at]gmail.com> wrote: 
> Sorry for the branch from my original thread: Mythfrontend idle cpu 
> consumption help.  I thought I'd try to get the attention of those that
> have efficiently working machines...if they're out there. 
> There seems to be people in the original thread that seem to think the
> I'm having IS happening to EVERYONE, and that this is by design. I see 14%

> utilization from mythfrontend when it just sits idle on a menu screen
> the cpu is clocked at 1Ghz.  With 0.21, I'm pretty sure it hovered between

> 0-2% utilization (what I'm calling normal). 
> So, as the Subject says, this a quick poll for those of you who have 0.22 
> installed.  (I'm especially interested in those that are ubuntu based). 
> Who has a "normal" working 0.22 install and only sees 0-2% CPU utilization

> when sitting idle on mythfrontend menu screens.  If this describes the 
> behavior of your install, could you help me out in giving a short 
> description of your system. 


Mythtv 0.22-fixes

0.5%-1.0% CPU when idle on menu screen and nothing being recorded.

Fedora 10

AMD X2 Athlon 5200+

QT Painter with Graphite theme or Minimalist theme.


While recording from my HDPVR, mythbackend usually reports 2.5%-3% CPU, and
mythfrontend will report 6%-7% during playback, so unless there is a
mythcommflag job running, I don't hit 14% even while recording or watching

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