[mythtv-users] corrupted time table

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Nov 18 23:00:38 UTC 2009

On 11/18/2009 05:55 PM, Stef Coene wrote:
> On Tuesday 17 November 2009, Michael T. Dean wrote:
>> There's likely something else going on if it's more than just the
>> "estimate is not accurate" display issue, so fixing the seektable won't
>> help.
> I just did some tests.  After running
> mythcommflag --file <file> --rebuild
> the jumping problem is solved.  So it has something to do with the seektable 
> that's not correct.  Any idea how I can debug this?

That means the database table that stores seek information was crashed 
when the show was recorded, so the seektable data was corrupt/missing.

If you've repaired the database, then all future recordings will get 
valid seektables (barring another table crash).  Since rebuilding the 
seektable seems to have fixed the recording's seektable, then you (or 
some cron job) must have repaired the database (i.e. by running 
optmize_mythdb.pl, which is usually done in a daily cron).

Now you just have to rebuild the seektable data for any other recordings 
with invalid seektable data.  Generally easiest to do on an "as needed" 
basis--i.e. when you notice an issue, fix that recording.


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