[mythtv-users] Some Fanart not loading?

Joe Wilson wilson.joe at gmail.com
Wed Nov 18 21:43:16 UTC 2009

I think it ought to be done in a way that separates the cache of
fanart,snapshots,banners etc
into its own cache separate from the themes.. otherwise its all recreated
again in every individual  themes

Sorry, but as far as "big problems" go, this is way, way, way...
> way... WAY.... down the list.  There are real functional and setup
> issues that take a much higher priority than this kind of thing.  As
> ever, people writing code are stretched to the breaking point, and
> still doing it a) to work on what interests them, and b) for fun, and
> patches are always very gratefully received.
> Robert
> _______________________________________________

I agree with you Robert ,
on the priority list when it comes with some of the other functionals.
and setup..  But I also think its a waste of system resources when,
for example getting the artwork from thetvdb.com gets wiped out
when there isn't a connection available, using more resources to get
the artwork back when the server is available, over and over increasing
the load on the server and lending a hand to its congestion & financial
burden. I think there should be a check made to see if the server is
before wiping out the data pertaining to each individual video,cache the
and then replace it.

and where can i go about getting information about sending patches
and finding bugs.. I am more than willing to give back to a great community
that has given me a whole new way of looking at media.. :)
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