[mythtv-users] envyng broke mythbuntu 9.10

Daniel Born born_daniel at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 18 21:09:52 UTC 2009

Hi all,

First post here but I've been following the list for a while.
I'm new to Myth, I bought an HD-PVR a while back and was waiting for Myth 0.22. I first played around with 9.04 and re-installed fresh when 9.10 came out.

As I was setting things up, I noticed that the channel guide was being very slow (like 2 seconds to go up or down but pretty quick left/right).

Anyway, I had the "bright idea" to try using envyng to install the latest nvidia drivers (which didn't seem like they were installed). I read a bit about vdpau and all that but it still isn't clear what I have (had?) and what I need.

So, now I have no more X server running, when I boot the machine, I get alot of blinking about starting/stopping the ntp server and then a signon prompt. I looked at the log files and it mentions that X finds no screen.
Aside from a total reinstall, what can I do to restore this? I was going to download and install the latest drivers from the nvidia website. At this point, I figure I don't have much to lose beside my time...

Any suggestions? :)


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