[mythtv-users] Subtitles format in MythVideo. Possible to change?

Blazej Lewcio blazej.lewcio at googlemail.com
Wed Nov 18 18:49:05 UTC 2009

Dear mythtv-users,

I think it would be nice in my setup to switch the MythVideo player from the
mplayer to the internal one.

Apart of the benefits and consistency the internal player provides, I must
admit that I don't like the subtitles formatting. As I quite often watch
movies with subtitles (from txt,srt files), it is a little bit anoying.

I wanted to ask if there is any way to change the subtitles formating style
in the MythVideo internal player?


P.S. I use mythtv since few months, and I must say it is an amazing
framework!! Good job !
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