[mythtv-users] uPNP AV Media Server directory incomplete or corrupted.

Derek Dongray derek at inverchapel.me.uk
Wed Nov 18 01:59:32 UTC 2009

I'm using Mythtv 0.2.-fixes on Ubuntu 9.10 and also have a Netgear EVA700,
which I use to access both MythTV and MediaTomb on another machine. The
EVA700 uses the uPNP AV Media Server feature of MythTV. I've only had this
setup for a week or so.

I noticed this evening that the MythTV directory displayed by the EVA700 may
be incomplete and in some places seems corrupted.

Specifically, I was intending to watch a recording of Horizon recorded on
channel BBC TWO on earlier on 17th November. When I tried to access the
recording via the Title grouping, the Horizon entry was present, but under
it were 2 entries for the recording I wanted and when I tried to scroll to
them the entire page scrolled (something I've never seen the EVA700's pages
do before).When I tried to access the recording by channel or date, the
entry simply wasn't listed. I also tried going via the 'All Recordings'
path, but again the Horizon subentry seemed corrupt. I also tried the Genre
path, again without success.

Presumably, there is some delay before MythTV generates the AV Media Server
indexes, but this was at least an hour after the recording had ended so I
would have expected any index update to have completed. When I checked via
both the MythWeb and MythFrontEnd interfaces, the entry for the program
looked OK, so it doesn't look like a corrupt database.

So, is there some way, similar to MediaTomb, to get MythTV to rescan and
regenerate the information it presents to uPNP clients to force it to update
things to agree with the other interface?

I've tried searching the web but haven't come up with much mention of the
uPNP server function at all, except that it exists and a ist of software and
hardware it works with (which includes the EVA700).

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