[mythtv-users] Pixmaps missing in mythweb - yet I have some in my /recordings dir? Max mythweb slow.

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Nov 17 21:34:45 UTC 2009

On 11/17/2009 12:28 PM, Greg Cope wrote:
> It appears that mythtvbackend has changed the way it creates pixmaps
> that appears to break my old recordings in mythweb
> The following (older recording) response gives a 404;
> http://s.webarmadillo.net/mythweb/tv/get_pixmap/s.webarmadillo.net/1001/1198767540/100/75/64/1001_20071227145900.mpg.100x75x64.png
> New recordings are fine eg;
> http://s.webarmadillo.net/mythweb/tv/get_pixmap/s/1006/1258469880/100/56/64/1006_20091117145800.mpg.100x56x64.png
> What do I need to do to get mythweb working.  I have tried creating
> pngs with the right name that t I think mythweb is requesting but no
> joy.

You changed your system hostname without updating the database (from 
s.webarmadillo.net to s).  Therefore, MythWeb is asking the wrong host 
for the preview.  The only reason that playback works for the old 
recordings with broken data is because you have local access to them.

What you should have done was restore your database and then /before/ 
running any mythtv program, run 

Now, you can't do a --change_hostname because you already have both a s 
and an s.webarmadillo.net hostname.

The best fix is to do a partial restore and then run the name change on 
that.  It /should/ work with only the partial data.  All details are 
available at http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Database_Backup_and_Restore

1) back up your database
2) drop the database
3) then create a new database with mc.sql
4) run mythtv-setup to create the database schema
5) do a partial restore (without plugin data) of your old backup ( 
6) do a name change from the old hostname (s.webarmadillo.net) to the 
new (s)
7) run mythtv-setup and reconfigure
8) run mythfrontend and reconfigure

I won't mention any of the other not-best approaches that would leave 
garbage data in your database (and possibly break things).


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