[mythtv-users] defunct mythfrontend children processes

Seth Daniel mythtv.org at sethdaniel.org
Tue Nov 17 20:22:04 UTC 2009

On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 10:31:07AM -0500, Johnny wrote:
> While looking into another problem I have noticed that I usually have
> from 1 to 3 defunct mythfrontend processes running. They are listed as
> children of the active mythfrontend process. I never noticed this
> before in the past. The defunct children are there immediately after
> mythfrontend starts. I have only seen it since I upgraded to Ubuntu
> 9.10 and mythtv .22. Is anybody else seeing this? Is this a bug of
> some sort? Or is this normal and of no concern?

I believe it has to do with MythWeather.  MythWeather launches a number
of scripts at the startup of the frontend that query whatever weather
site it queries.  As best I can tell when those scripts end the process
that was spawned to run that script is not cleaned up (i.e. wait()ed

Are all people reporting this running MythWeather?  

I'm not a Myth dev, but this doesn't seem like a big issue to me (I'm not
advocating that it go unresolved).

seth /\ sethdaniel.org

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