[mythtv-users] compile problem: scte65scan on mythbuntu 9.10 64 bit with HDHR support

Dave Richardson mythtv at derdev.com
Tue Nov 17 17:38:19 UTC 2009

> On Tue, Nov 17, 2009 at 7:34 AM, Dave Richardson <mythtv at derdev.com> wrote:
>> Eric, can you stick with me a bit more?
> Of course.
>> root at mythbackmaster:/usr/src/scte65scan-0.2.1/libhdhomerun# nm -D
libhdhomerun.so | grep msleep
>> 00000000000051e0 T msleep
> Ok, that shouldn't have happened.  It looks like Silicon Dust has
changed things around in the latest release and that's what's breaking
things.  These are no longer static inlines.
> Try the following patch the scte65scan's Makefile.hdhr:
> Add this line near the top:
> LIBOBJS += $(HDHR_DIR)/hdhomerun_os_posix.o
> And change the LDFLAGS line a few lines down so that it looks like this:
> LDFLAGS += -lpthread -lrt
> and then try recompiling scte65scan.
> Eric

THAT compiled scte65scan - thank you for that!

Now, in trying to run it, I'm using this command with failed result (only
one HDHR on network)  I'm hopeful that this problem is of my ignorance...

root at mythbackmaster:/usr/src/scte65scan-0.2.1/libhdhomerun#
./hdhomerun_config FFFFFFFF get /sys/version

cd ..

root at mythbackmaster:/usr/src/scte65scan-0.2.1# ./scte65scan -H=FFFFFFFF,0
-p -V 0x0bec us-Cable-Standard-center-frequencies-QAM256
WARNING: invalid HDHR device id: =FFFFFFFF

-> Do I need to back down the firmware to match the earlier libhdhomerun

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