[mythtv-users] Database upgrade 0.21 -> 0.22: issue to avoid

James Warden warjamy at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 17 11:31:26 UTC 2009

Sure, I am not opposing you on this, just relating my experience. Based on what you said, something must have gone wrong somewhere along the way debian-multimedia handled some prior update attempts. The only thing I can think now is that I tried to update once via apt-get, the schema version was most likely > 1230, but I went back to the backend that worked with my PVR500 (other discussion thread, root cause unknown but at this point, I don't care too much, I have a newer backend that will soon be put into production). And by downgrading again, I must have forgotten to restore some tables that unfortunately already contained new fields. I assumed that this would have been taken care of by the debian package itself :
- you upgrade OR downgrade your system via apt-get with a proper backup / restore operation. It does not look like it and this is most likely to be blamed on the debian-multimedia packaging, mixed with my naive assumption.

This was anyway worth mentioning, despite the noise it might have introduced on this list because I got to understand a few more things. So thanks for your patience :)


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> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Database upgrade 0.21 -> 0.22: issue to avoid
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> Date: Tuesday, November 17, 2009, 4:00 AM
> On 11/17/2009 03:22 AM, James Warden
> wrote:
> > before I restore a DB from a backup, I drop
> mythconverg. There's no chance anything is left from a
> previous mythconverg. To be honest, I don't know why I
> experienced this issue in the 1st place. My server was
> running on a backend version that dates back from july 2008.
> Upgrading to 0.22 should be painless, but it was not. So I
> can only assume the upgrade path is not bug-free.
> I know for a fact--as I spent a great deal of time tracking
> down all possible paths for the upgrade or initial DB
> install--that it's /impossible/ for a default_authority
> column to exist in the dtv_multiplex or
> channelscan_dtv_multiplex tables before the 1230->1231 DB
> upgrade--except with a modified (by something other than
> Myth) database schema or when improperly restoring a
> backup.  This part (at the very least) of the DB
> upgrade /is/ bug free.
> If you didn't do an improper restore, then you probably
> applied a patch to 0.21-fixes that broke your database
> schema and you didn't clean up after the patch.
> I'm saying this--and repeating it (trying to "get the last
> word") only to prevent any other users from needlessly
> worrying or--worse--from hacking their databases because the
> failure that indicates they didn't properly restore their
> database backup was "written off as a bug in Myth" on the
> lists.
> If anyone gets the mentioned failure--duplicate column when
> doing the 1230->1231 DB upgrade, they /need to/ go back
> to their 0.21-fixes database backup, restore it properly,
> and let MythTV upgrade it properly.  Otherwise, those
> users will have corrupt data, and any problems they
> experience with MythTV using corrupt data are theirs to
> keep--along with the broken data.
> Mike
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