[mythtv-users] corrupted time table

Stef Coene stef.coene at docum.org
Tue Nov 17 07:23:55 UTC 2009

> The time displayed in the OSD is an estimate and it's not always correct
> (some of my 60-minute recordings show as being about 52 minutes long,
> but they're actually about 60 minutes of playback).
> Also, the seektable may not be correct during LiveTV or recordings in
> progress.  If you enter playback after the recording finished, you
> should get a valid seektable (again, note that the OSD times are
> estimates).  If you don't, please see
> http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Repairing_the_Seektable /
I also have this when the recording is finished recording (pff, what a 
But I don't have this on recordings recorded before the upgrade to 0.22.  So 
it has something to do with the new 0.22 backend.
I will try to repair the seektable to see if that makes any difference.

> > Also, at the end of a recording there is also something wrong with
> > timing. When 2 recordings are scheduled after each other and only 1 tuner
> > is used, some video is missing.  When looking at the logs from the
> > backend, the second recording starts right after the first recording
> > ends.
> That's the time taken to shut down the old recorder and then start the
> new recorder (including all its initialization, such as changing the
> channel).  Note that this is always done--even for back-to-back
> recordings on the same tuner and same channel.
And this can be a few minutes????  And I didn't had this before the 0.22 
upgrade.  Starting livetv requires also that the tuner tunes in and it takes 4 
seconds before the video starts playing.  Far less then the video that I miss 
between 2 recordings.


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