[mythtv-users] Big reinstall 2/ FC12 planned; repository advice needed

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Tue Nov 17 03:31:25 UTC 2009

Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On 11/16/2009 08:46 PM, R. G. Newbury wrote:
>> stefan_jones at comcast.net wrote:
>>> When I installed my MythBox, FC8 was in its prime. About two years back?
>>> Things have been running so well that I haven't been following this
>>> list or the Fedora forums too closely.
>>> Now, I'm about to install Fedora 12 and Myth .22. I'll keep my old
>>> partition structure.
>>> One of the things still looming on my mind are repositories. I recall
>>> using "atrpms" for Myth, and "livna" only for a few things like nVidia
>>> drivers and kernel modules. I recall running into repository hell
>>> trouble by installing too much from livna.
>>> I see that things have changed a bit. No more "livna," replaced by
>>> rpmsfusion.
>>> Anyone care to recommend a strategy for dealing with repository choices?
>> Stick with atrpms. There is now nothing you need for mythtv which is not
>> available from the fedora repos plus atrpms.
>> The other choice is to go entirely rpmfusion...one or the other but not
>> both!
>> If you need/want some of the plugins you may need to hunt further
>> afield, although atrpms will cover mythmusic and mythvideo.
> Both repos have all the official plugins. ATrpms' has a few more 
> out-of-tree unofficial plugins than RPM Fusion though, iirc.
>> Whatever you do NEVER run any sort of general upgrade with either
> Why not? I do so all the time. Running rawhide, no less. :)
> (Okay, yes, I'm in a unique position...)

Hah! Never, ever had a case of repo hell, then??

>> (or
>> both <shudder> enabled. If you want to upgrade a package do it by name!
>> The names of some packages have changed since F8. There is a long script
>> for installing dependencies for F10 on the wiki. Not too likely that
>> there will be any major name changes which would cause problems. That
>> script is for doing a compile from a scratch install, using svn.
> Pardon, but that script is almost entirely pointless. If you have either 
> ATrpms or RPM Fusion repos enabled, you can get all the build 
> dependencies installed using a one-liner:
> # yum-builddep mythtv

Of course, that is *now* the quick and painless method. But if you want 
to compile svn trunk and you are starting from a bare-metal install, all 
those nice dependencies are not yet there. There is no there, there, yet.

Which was why I wrote the first version of the script for Fedora 8. 
(Back in the ancient days when your cook-book was still new!)

Although I suppose that now that Axel has washed, polished and waxed 
things so well, it would be easier to install from atrpms, just in order 
to get the dependencies, and then do the compile...make install of trunk 
on top of that.

My script does pull in a couple of things which I don't think the meta 
package does but most of those are -devel type packages which the rpms 
obviate any need to have on the box *unless you are compiling your own*.


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