[mythtv-users] Video problems

Paulin paulin at spextreme.com
Tue Nov 17 02:49:20 UTC 2009


I disconnected everything and pulled the video card and blew out all the
dust.  Reseated the card, and plugged everything back in.  Video is now
clean again.

Not sure what really caused the problem (loose cable, card loose) but it
seems ok.

On a side note though i did notice the screen going blank for a second and
then coming back and continuing.  The sound does stop too.  Not sure if
others have seen this.  Any thoughts?


On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 8:55 PM, Paulin <paulin at spextreme.com> wrote:

> I just installed and setup Myth 0.22 using Mythbuntu 9.10.  It seems to be
> working pretty well but I've been noticing an odd issue.
> While watching the screen goes blank (sound continues) and then I can't
> seem to get the screen to come back on.  I end up restarting GDM and
> everything come back.
> Then tonight while watching a recorded show (about 10 minutes in) the same
> thing happened.  However when I restarted (stop/start) GDM again, the
> frontend came back up but it was all fuzzy.  Any ideas.
> Could this be a video card issue or a configuration issue.
> Thanks
> steve
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