[mythtv-users] no DVD drive found?

Greg Woods greg at gregandeva.net
Mon Nov 16 23:52:10 UTC 2009

This turns out not to really be a Myth issue, but it is happening on my
master backend and causing me problems in Myth, so I thought I'd ask
here. I could not get MythDVD to work at all. Basically, the system is
not finding my DVD drive. It shows up fine in the BIOS, but not in
Linux. I don't see any messages about it at all in dmesg, it's like it's
just not there. There are no /dev/dvd or /dev/sr0 devices like there are
on my desktop which has a similar unit. My system hard drive is on the
same IDE controller and it is working fine.  I thought at first the data
cable might have come unseated from the DVD drive, but then the BIOS
couldn't detect it either, right? What could cause it to be detected in
the BIOS but not by the Linux kernel? Any hints on how I can debug this?


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