[mythtv-users] Recommendation for fanless heatsing with AMD Athlon II X2 proc?

Dominic Coulombe dominic.coulombe at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 18:33:49 UTC 2009

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Recommendation for fanless heatsing with AMD Athlon
> II X2 proc?

> I'm going to use the Antec Fusion case, which is 140mm high.
> I'm wondering which heatsink I can use for this processor, I assume it
> runs fairly cool, and can I get away without using a fan.


I am using the Antec NSK2480 enclosure, which is about the same as the
Fusion, but without LCD and volume knob.

My CPU is an Intel E8400 dual core running at 3GHz.  My cooler is a Scythe
Ninja Mini Rev.B CPU Cooler.  I do not run any fan on this cooler.  I run a
Folding at Home client on this machine, so CPU usage is always at 100% on both
cores.  Core temperature never goes beyond 55 degrees Celsius, with an
average temp of 50 degree Celsius, which is way below the max safe temp of
this chip.  My two 120mm exhaust fans are running at 1/3 of the max speed.

I also have an AMD Athlon 64 X2 3800+ EE CPU running at 2GHz cooled with the
same cooler in the same enclosure.  Max temp are about the same on this CPU.

Here is the cooler I use on these machines :

Dominic Coulombe
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