[mythtv-users] Overscan and MythTV (was Re: DB charset pre-conversion test failed! Your database seems to be partially corrupted.)

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 15:15:54 UTC 2009

>> The problem is that some themes are designed such
>> that widgets and areas that appear at some times line up with
>> graphics/"holes" in the background.
> Hrm.  I have to admit at being completely lost at this point.  :-/

Not all of the background images would just be a generic abstract
image. You can imagine a background that has sections or boxes as part
of the background image, then the widgets line up with the boxes in
the background image. Or some themers are looking into scaling the
fanart to create the background image. The fanart would be scaled to
fit into a specific area of the UI. So if you start scaling/moving the
widgets independently from the background you would end up with things
misaligned in all of these cases.

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