[mythtv-users] Mythfrontend idle cpu consumption help

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Nov 16 04:51:26 UTC 2009

On 11/15/2009 06:46 PM, Mark Garland wrote:
> This thread is a little confusing as there seems to be two or more off-topic
> conversations going on at once so I'm not quite sure what's relevant.  I'm
> pretty sure fiddling with deinterlacers wont help this issue, but I'll
> certainly try setting timezones if people think this is related and tell me
> how.

Setting time zone will /not/ have any effect at all--other than possibly
preventing you from starting parts of Myth.  The fact that the time zone
check was being done /just before/ the UI event thread starting tying up
the CPU is unrelated to the issue.  Someone in the thread just saw time
zone before a bunch of checks reading the clock (in the Qt event thread)
and thought it might be related.  It's not.

Again, I /seriously/ believe that if there's an issue, it's in Qt (and I
saw no obvious errors in the code that was being executed) or the
underlying libc.

I would be /very/ interested to know if anyone using a non-Debian-based
system (i.e. someone other than Debian and Ubuntu users) is seeing the
issue.  Debian just swapped out libc's, and I'm pretty sure that
current/new Ubuntu is using eglibc (the different libc).

> I've also had to disable Desktop effects in KDE to get the frontend
> rendering nicely without tearing.  Just a thought now, I wonder if disabling
> compositing would help in some way?  I'm out of my depth here.

That's possible.  (That disabling compositing might have an effect--not
that you're out of your depth.  :)


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