[mythtv-users] Setting default audio track for tv channels

Jiri Kraus mail at jirikraus.de
Sun Nov 15 17:37:54 UTC 2009


is there a way to set the default audio track for tv channels? My
problem is that i have two audio outputs
1. HDMI directly connected to my TV
2. SPDIF connected to my av receiver
I am using the hdmi audio output, so that i do not need to turn on my
av receiver when i just want to watch the news. Fist technically every
thing is working nicely i can listen to the mp2 audio tracks with my
tv and if i turn on my av receiver i can listen to the ac3 5.1 audio
My problem now is that if i start live tv the mythtv frontend selects
the ac3 audio track if availble by default. So i always have to change
it to the mp2 track (usually with the number 1) by hand. Is there a
way to configure this behaviour?

The only thin i  have found regarding this is this forum thread

Best Regards


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