[mythtv-users] Fan speed control using lm-sensors doesn't work. Help, please.

Allen Edwards allen.p.edwards at gmail.com
Sun Nov 15 06:13:53 UTC 2009

I just searched the last year of posts and find nothing discussed on the
problem I am having with lm-sensors.  I have a AMD 5400+ on an M3A Asus
mother board.  We have been living with a very noisy CPU fan so today I
finally got around to doing something about it.  First, I got a new heat
sink, a Thermaltake TR2-R1 and it is a big improvement.  I checked the temp
with sensors and it runs about the same, about 30 idle and 40-45 under load.
 (The bios reports over 50c on boot up.  What's up with that?  I guess an
error in the bios).

The problem is with trying to get lm-sensors to work.  I installed all the
programs and got as far as running pwmconfig.  All looked good, it
controlled the CPU fan and did a detailed profile.  It got very quiet at a
setting of 180.  But when it got to the part about testing what setting will
not start the fan, it didn't change the fan speed.  And when I created the
fancontrol file and re-booted, the fan is always at max speed, which is

So one level of the program controls the fan speed, but when it comes down
to it, something is different and the fan speed is not controlled.  I should
point out that this fan has 3 pins and not 4 so that may be part of the
problem but the fan was being controlled by the first part of pwmconfig so I
don't understand what is going on.

Any help out there?  I would greatly improve the WAF if I could get that fan
down to about 1000RMP when the CPU is at 1000GHz and doing nothing.  I don't
care how loud the fan is when we are watching something because the sound of
the show covers it up.

Anyone understand what I am doing wrong?

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