[mythtv-users] Graphics card recommendation needed (regarding tv-out quality)

Mike Hoehn bit at birnehh.shacknet.nu
Sun Nov 15 00:57:01 UTC 2009


I'm planning to build a combined front- and backend for my girlfriend
and I need a recommendation for a graphics card.

Are there PCIe cards with good tv-out quality (S-Video, SD) available?
I remember reading that newer cards are not as good as the old 5200
series. I tested a 7900 GS and quality was really bad.
But what about newer cards or other cards than NVIDIA based ones?
Are there cards that can be recommended?

A second option would be to use an AGP capable mainboard and use an old
5200, but it would have to be a microATX board. And that's also a
problem, because all boards seem to have PCIe nowadays. Is that true or
are microATX boards with AGP still sold?

Buying a new TV and going digital is currently no option.


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