[mythtv-users] MythArchive only sees 10 out of 100s of recordings

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Sat Nov 14 23:47:58 UTC 2009

Michael T. Dean wrote:
> <deleted everything under the top-posting...  hint, hint>
> On 11/11/2009 08:22 AM, stuart wrote:
>> However, I am still unable to "see" all of my recordings.  I only see 
>> 10 out of 100s.  In fact I only see about 6 out of dozens of line ups.
>> This is debian so I "purged" and re-installed the mytharchive package, 
>> but that didn't help.  Even if this was a caching problem you would 
>> think eventually mytharchive would have to go out and re-cache the 
>> list of valid recordings.
> MythArchive only works with local files.  If your other 90 recordings 
> are on a remote file system, MythArchive won't show them.
> Mike

(Sorry about the top post - I just switched jobs into an all 
micro$soft/LookOut house which top posts everything - geez I miss Unix.)

Playing w/SQL data queries has uncovered the real culprit. My MBE data 
base of recordings is missing over 100 recordings.  I can find over 150 
recordings all of non-zero length in the appropriate directory.

> MBE:/space/recordings> ls *.mpg | wc
>     153     153    3672 

However a SQL query only finds 11!:

> mysql> SELECT title, subtitle, starttime, endtime, chanid, basename FROM recorded WHERE hostname='MBE';
> +--------------------------------+------------------<stuff deleted>
> | title                          | subtitle         <stuff deleted>
> +--------------------------------+------------------<stuff deleted>
<stuff deleted>
> | The Office                     | Murder           <stuff deleted>
> +--------------------------------+------------------<stuff deleted>
> 11 rows in set (0.00 sec) 

At this point I'd like to dump the data base and start over.  But it 
appears to be doing a better job of tracking recordings on the SBE 
machine.  There the data base has 213 lines.  However, I can only find 
162 files.  Ha, the reverse problem!  I can not find 51 files on the SBE.

Clearly I have issues.

Given that the MFEs lists the missing files by name and date (I tracked 
one such file that exists on the MBE but is not in the data base) there 
must be a way to find the missing data that goes beyond the broken SQL 
data base. To be clear, the MFEs can not play such shows as they are 
reported missing.  I'm hoping I can repair the data base and restore the 
data for over 100 recordings that, apparently, both exist and show up in 
the MFEs list of recordings but not the SQL data base.

Any ideas on how to do that?


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