[mythtv-users] Happague IR blaster: works between cards?

stefan_jones at comcast.net stefan_jones at comcast.net
Sat Nov 14 23:35:53 UTC 2009

I'm gearing up for my next MythBox upgrade. 

Currently: Happague PVR-150 and pcHDTV-3000. 

I plan on adding a Happague HVR-2250. It uses an no-empty PCIe slot so I don't have to displace the other cards. 

Now, recent circumstances -- Comcast started scrambling channels -- have forced me to also rig up an IR blaster. 

I'd connect the output of my STB to the PVR-150 and use it for non-clearQAM cable channels. (I don't get HD cable, so analog SD is fine.) 

I was looking into a cheap RS-232 based IR blaster but ran into problems: My box's MB has no serial ports, and there are no available PCI slots, and from what I've read Serial IR blasters don't work well with USB serial converters. 

Also, my PVR-150 is a cheap model with no IR transmitter plug! 

So I'm wonder if the HVR-2250's IR blaster -- included in the model I'm looking at -- can be used to change channels for the PVR-150. 

Put another way, is the Happague IR transmitter a "system" resource that Myth will be able to access? 

For that matter, is the HVR-2250's IR gizmo supported yet? 


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