[mythtv-users] Issue with HD-PVR recording

Ron Garrison ron.garrison at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 22:40:46 UTC 2009

On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 5:55 PM, Harry Devine <lifter89 at comcast.net> wrote:
> Ron Garrison wrote:
>> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 1:58 PM, Harry Devine <lifter89 at comcast.net>
>> wrote:
>>> OK, so I got my HD-PVR setup and made a test recording overnight to make
>>> sure it'll work.  I just tried to play it back and I get "Please wait"
>>> for a
>>> few seconds, then it goes back to the menu with a box that says "Video
>>> frame
>>> buffering failed too many times".  The frontend log has a lot of messages
>>> that say "NVP (0), Error Prebuffer wait timed out 120 times".  Any ideas
>>> on
>>> what I need to do?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Harry
>> What audio are you using?   Did you try to cat to a file and play it
>> back with something like mplayer?  Did you even record anything (i.e.
>> what's the file size)?
>> Your errors sound similar to what I saw when I first started setting
>> up my hd-pvr and had inadvertently hooked up the sp/dif out instead of
>> in.  If you don't have sp/dif in but  have setup mythtv to expect
>> sp/dif in, it will not work.
>> Ron
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> I just have my sound output from the normal 1/8" output jack going into my
> stereo (1/8" on 1 end and red/white RCAs on the other).  I have my cable box
> set to output 720p.  I recorded 1 channel yesterday and it played back fine.
>  That channel was an SD channel and this one is HD if that matters.  I tried
> this test on this HD channel because a few of the shows I record are on it
> and its the main reason why I got the HD-PVR.
> I didn't do anything with my playback profiles when I upgraded from 0.21.  I
> think mine is set on Slim right now. Do I have to change any of those?

Double check mythtv setup and make sure its setup to use the analog
input and not the sp/dif.

Also did you check your mythtv file to see if it recorded.  You
indicate that it works with cat and playback, but you haven't
determined if the mythtv problem is a record problem or a playback

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