[mythtv-users] missed recordings (historical conflict report)

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Nov 14 21:12:30 UTC 2009

On 11/14/2009 04:02 PM, Richard Morton wrote:
> Is there a report which highlights programmes that weren't recorded but have
> been broadcast?
> I ask as sometimes I wonder if we missed an episode of a series; I could
> search for it in the schedule, if the data is kept but I think it would be
> useful to have this report

Myth keeps information about all shows that match rules--even those that 
were not recorded and the reason why they weren't recorded--but after 10 
days wipes any information about shows other than those that /were/ 
recorded or that were marked "never record."

You can find the list of shows from this history (those that were 
recorded and those that weren't recorded in the last 10 days) in the 
Manage Recordings|Previously Recorded screen of mythfrontend.  You can 
change the sort order with number keys (and, I think MENU shows the 
options for sorting--unless that addition hasn't been added to that 
screen, yet).  (I'm thinking it may not have the MENU support and that 
there's only 1 and 2 for sorting--one of which is by title and the other 
by time.)


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