[mythtv-users] jamu (0.57) exits status of 1; upsets cron - any ideas?

Greg Cope gregcope at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 18:35:05 UTC 2009

2009/11/14 Doug Vaughan <r.d.vaughan at rogers.com>:
> Greg,
>   James (see ticket #7560) was the one you provided the patch which
> corrected the return codes and he should get the credit.

Ok -thanks to James!

>   You are correct that tvdb_api has a very long timeout but I am hesitant to
> change it due to how slow TVDB can be. Your suggestion of using a pid does
> make a lot of sense but would need to be done at a per type of jamu options.
> Consider that running an hourly job with the -MW option at the same time as
> the daily -M option only conflicts would be bandwidth. Having two of the
> same type of jamu options running at the same time does not make sense.
> Thanks for your suggestions they are appreciated. You must have a heck of a
> lot of recordings as I have never seen this happen with the -MW option and I
> run it every half hour. No matter as I said you have a good point.

Not sure how many recordings I have... about 700Gbs worth.

I'll move it to cron.daily to solve this "issue"

Thanks for Jamu & all your work!


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