[mythtv-users] Slashdot Review of Internet TV Announcements - Any MythTV Integration?

Mache Creeger mache at creeger.com
Sat Nov 14 01:27:31 UTC 2009

"A flurry of announcements from YouTube, Boxee, Dell and Clicker on 
Thursday brought good news for anyone considering 
their cable service in favor of internet TV. First, YouTube announced 
that within the next few days it will start offering full 1080P HD 
streams; better than your cable company can offer. Next, Boxee 
announced a 
'<http://blog.boxee.tv/2009/11/12/a-boxee-box-is-coming/>Boxee Box' 
that promises to make it easier to get the content off your computer 
and onto your TV. Or you could hook up Dell's 
Zino HD instead. 'This is an 8" x 8" PC running Windows 7 (with an 
option for Ubuntu) that you certainly could use as a desktop machine, 
but the form factor just screams 'Hook me up to your TV!' via its 
HDMI port,' says Peter Smith. And, last but not least in this roundup 
of announcements is the launch of <http://www.clicker.com/>Clicker, a 
programming guide for internet TV that aims to help you find what you 
want, when you want it."  
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