[mythtv-users] jamu (0.57) exits status of 1; upsets cron - any ideas?

Matt Beadon matt.beadon at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 21:56:18 UTC 2009

> Now that I'm looking for it I see the same return 1 that you have however
> looking at the wiki I think the problem is that you're using options
> targeted for interactive use.  The suggestion on the wiki for cron jobs is:
> /usr/local/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/jamu.py -l en -C
> "/home/user/.jamu/jamu-maintenance.conf" -M >
> "/home/user/tmp/jamu_maintenance.log"
> Given my mythtv user has a jamu.conf in ~/.mythtv/jamu.conf and that
> jamu.py is in a slightly different spot in my ubuntu system I am planning to
> use:
> /usr/share/mythtv/mythvideo/scripts/jamu-new.py -M > ~/jamu_maintenance.log
> Adding the ";echo $?" to the end returns 0 as desired.

Oops, I missed the "W" in "-MW".  On my system I see the same thing you do.
"-MW" seems to make it always return 1 but "-M" returns 0.
I do have some shows that don't have banners/fanart so perhaps that status
is percolating all the way back.  I also have some files in the MythVideo
that it can't find IMDB numbers for but those don't cause it to return 1.

+me too
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