[mythtv-users] vdpau worth it for hdtv?

Per Baekgaard baekgaard at b4net.dk
Fri Nov 13 19:49:29 UTC 2009

Greg Cope wrote:
> My experience of the Ion, in my case a dual Core Acer Revo R3610 has
> been good so far;
> 1. Install Muthbuntu
> 2. Enable avenard repo
> 3. Install avenard VDPAU stuff
> 4. Enable VDPAU Normal as playback profile
> 5. Watch recordings with the CPU bearly doing anything (GPU was busy
> from the warmth from the fan)
> Ion, is great, as long as you do not want a heavy weight CPU.  Also
> great for the electric bill.

Similar experience here (ASRock ION 330 box)... less fuzzing around than 
on my previous myth install on a "larger" machine.

Full 1080p plays with maybe 10% CPU load on one of the cores, and the 
picture looks very good to me on a 1920x1080 LCD via HDMI.

-- Per.

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