[mythtv-users] Low power FE/BE CPU

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Fri Nov 13 19:26:08 UTC 2009

> Is there such a thing as a uATX motherboard w/o integrated video?  Or,
> to put it differently, how much power will it cost me to ignore the
> integrated video in favor of a separate video card?

I don't know how much the power will actually be but you can usually
disable the integrated GPU in the BIOS.

> I seem to be drifting towards the Antek NSK-2480 case, which looks to
> me like it supports 4 full height expansion cards.  (I can't find any
> specifications about this though).  So, I don't think I'm going to be
> limited in size, but I still want things to run cool & quiet.
> Does anybody know if there are thermal power dissipation savings in
> going up the model number tree for the nVidia cards?  Or is it only
> "raw GPU power increases" going up the number tree?

Within a given family (e.g. 9xxx or 2xx) you are generally going to
increase processing power and power dissapation as you go up. The
newest 210 and 220 cards are lower power and aimed at home theatres
etc. whereas the GTX 295 is a huge beast that would pull down nearly
300 watts on its own.

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