[mythtv-users] Changing channels online via webpage

Marius Schrecker marius at schrecker.org
Fri Nov 13 07:46:38 UTC 2009

 On Fri Nov 13  8:36 , 'Michael T. Dean' <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> wrote:On 11/13/2009 02:13 AM, Marius Schrecker wrote:
>> My cable company offers an online channel guide with the possibility  
>> to change channel instantly, or for a planned showing. I can script 
>> the actions using selenium, so should be able to substitute the 
>> regular channel changer with this selenium script. The only problem is 
>> that the change needs the exact program name and time slot as the 
>> argument, and not the channel id. Does anyone know how I could easily 
>> extract this information from mythtv to feed to selenium? By doing 
>> this I'd bypass using the hd-pvr ir blaster, and be more robust 
>> against channel numbering changes.
>> The guide is here for anyone who's interested:
>> https://tvguide.altibox.no/tvguide.html\?channellist=1
>> I'd also be interested if there is any way to parse this kind of page 
>> and feed to xmltv, as tv_grab_no is incomplete and unreliable at the 
>> moment.

>My recommendation would be to write an external channel change script 
>that uses MythXML's GetProgramGuide to get the listings for the 
>channel.  See
>for an example.  Note that you can probably get all the information you 
>need from the "summary" version, but the details info is available if 
>you need it.
>You may also be able to do something with the bindings--the Python 
>bindings may actually have something to get you exactly what you need.  
>I'll defer to Raymond Wagner (or someone else who knows the Python 

The only issue I can see is if your in-Myth listings show a different 
program title from your set-top-box/cable-co listings.

Thanks Michael,

 That looks very promising :-)



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