[mythtv-users] Any way to run a user job/script when recording starts?

Raymond Wagner raymond at wagnerrp.com
Fri Nov 13 05:27:15 UTC 2009

On 11/12/2009 23:38, genestapp at charter.net wrote:
> I'm wanting to know if there is a way to automatically run a script/user job when a program begins recording. I'm only wanting to use it on a single instance of a sports series recording. I know i could set it up as a user job to run after but I'm need it to run realtime and begin when recording starts
> Any ideas?

There is currently no real good way of doing this.

You can enable real-time commflagging, and wrap mythcommflag with your 
own script that runs whatever tasks you want.  But this is an ugly hack, 
and the jobqueue makes no effort to run things in any sort of scheduled 
manner.  It runs once per minute FIFO, and tasks are run when they're 
gotten to.

You can create a channel change script, which runs your own tasks on 
start.  But this is an even uglier hack, and only works on analog anyway.

One of the users on IRC wrote some code to do pre- and post-roll during 
playback to manage some networked lighting units, but that is on 
playback, not recording.

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