[mythtv-users] Massive upgrade headaches continue

Enigma enigma at thedonnerparty.com
Thu Nov 12 21:46:16 UTC 2009

Well, I finally bit the bullet and started the upgrade of my Myth
network (1 backend, 3 frontends) to 0.22.  I am now on hour 19 of this
process, 15 yesterday and up to four today. Every step of this process
has been horrid, with issue after issue cropping up in the upgrades.
I have worked through most of the problems and now have my backend
upgraded (with some issues) and have 2 of the frontends partially
upgraded.  I still have a host of issues that I hope somebody on the
list recognizes and can point me at some solutions.

This is a dedicated backend.  It was running Debian etch, I did a
dist-upgrade to lenny and checked out the 0.22-fixes branch.  The
compile went well and everything seemed to install correctly.  When
running the backend, I will get the message:
FilterManager, Error: Failed to load filter library:

/usr/local/lib/mythtv/filters/libpostprocess.so: undefined symbol:

Examining the file in question leads me to believe this is an old version:
-rwxr-xr-x 1 root staff 4924 Oct 23  2007

It looks like I have the code in my tree at
mythtv/filters/postprocess/ but the build process did not build that
filter.  The other filters in /usr/local/lib/mythtv/filters/ are all
new, other than that one and libconvert.so.  Are there ./configure
flags I need to pass to get that filter to build?

Frontend 1:
This is a MSI Hetis 915 that boots off the network.  It was running
Debian etch,  I put a hard disk in it and installed Ubuntu karmic and
then converted that install to netbooting.  I did the install using a
monitor, when I moved the box back to the entertainment center I was
unable to get the S-Video output working.  This machine has onboard
Intel graphics (915G chip) that was previously handled by the "i810"
driver, which was what I was using before.  Under the new "intel"
driver, S-Video output no longer functions.  I found hundreds of
instances of people complaining about this, but for some reason the
Ubuntu folks decided to replace something that works with something
that doesn't (seems to be a habit with them).  The i810 driver isn't
even an option so tv out isn't an option.  Some people have put
together a SF project that is a chroot with the i810 driver just so
they can get their TV out back
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/i810tvout/) but it doesn't look like
that is an option for Myth.  The xorg log shows the S-Video output as
disconnected if it is the only connected input, it can detect it if
the VGA is also connected but that is not an option for my mythbox.
The TV_Connector option is supposed to override the load detection,
but it does not

Does anyone have their TV output working with the intel driver?

So I decided to put a PCI 9400 GT card back into this box, to see if
it works any better than my experiences with 0.21, see
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/404521#404521 for
details.  Karmic packages the 185 series of drivers, so far I have
seen only one instance of playback exiting but when it did it
corrupted the display and required a full reboot to use the card
again, similar to my experience with the 190.* drivers.

The main issue that I am having now is that sometimes sound will drop
out when watching a recording and never return.  I am using a
CM8738-based PCI card, outputting through optical to a receiver.  To
get sound back I have to exit the recording and re-start it.  It seems
like it is a bigger problem with HD recordings.  When watching, I get
WriteAudio: buffer underrun messages in the frontend log (sometimes
even when playback is paused), as well as the occasional NVP(x):
prebuffering pause message.  When the audio stops it is usually
accompanied by this message but there are no other obvious log entries
related to the audio.  Is there any way to debug this?

Frontend 2:
Asus Pundit that was running Ubuntu jaunty. I was in the process of
upgrading to karmic when the hard drive failed. Yes, another issue to
add to the list, lucky me!  I took the hard drive from my Frontend 1
install and used it to get this machine back on its feet.  The only
issue remaining with this frontend is the video.  It has integrated
Nvidia 6150 video, outputting over a DVI-HDMI cable to a 1080p screen.
 The card for some reason can't acquire EDID over this interface.
Still working on this, I'm pretty sure there is a sulution since I had
it working at 1080p before, I just forgot what I did ;-)

That's all for now, thanks to everyone who actually got to this point
in the reading.  Part of the reason for this message is to see if
anyone is having the same issues, the other part is to get the
problems clear in my head.  Thanks for putting up with my rant.

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