[mythtv-users] Screensaver over paused video

Scott list-mythtv at bluecamel.eml.cc
Thu Nov 12 21:00:01 UTC 2009

I'm seeing what I think is display corruption from the screensaver
kicking in when the video is paused. Is anyone else see this or have
solved it?

I'm running a FE Mythbuntu 9.04 with 0.22-fixes SVN 22801 using Nvidia
190 with VDPAU. The Gnome screensaver is configured to come on after 5
minutes and this works great only activating when it should. The problem
is when video is paused and the screensaver kicks it seems to expose the
underlaying video instead of the usual black background.

A picture of paused video after the screensaver kicked in is here:



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