[mythtv-users] made the jump from PVR-350 TVOUT to 8400GS (g98)

sdkovacs sdkovacs at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 19:45:35 UTC 2009

First of all, thank you to everyone involved with the MythTV project
and on the users list. Your pioneering work made the transition to a
'real' video card much easier for me. I have a SD setup, recording
from a PVR350 and 150, outputting via Svideo from an 8400GS to a Sony
CRT. Running .22 Fixes from ATRPMS.

A couple of issues:

1) I can't get the OpenGL theme rendering to work. All I get is the
background with no text. Qt works fine.

2) Occasionally when playing a recording, the "Please Wait.." screen
stays in the foreground and the video never comes up. I can hear the
sound of the recording, but the picture remains the black background
with "Please Wait..." in white lettering. Sometime exiting and playing
the recording fixes the problem. Sometimes I have to reboot. Any

And a comment:

1) In my opinion, nothing, not even the VDPAU advancedx2 interlacer,
compares to the video out of the PVR-350. I will miss the clarity and
smoothness of the picture from the PVR-350 TVOUT.

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