[mythtv-users] Dell Zino HD as FE/BE

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Thu Nov 12 17:02:46 UTC 2009

On Thursday 12 November 2009 09:48:51 Cool Frood wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 12, 2009 at 10:36 AM, Johnny <jarpublic at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> I know for a fact there are full-time paid programmers working on the
> >> open-source radeon drivers. It is indeed a constant game of catch-up as
> >> Kevin suggested.
> >
> > Yeah, I figured there were some. I guess my point was that it isn't a
> > problem necessarily with the open source development model. It is a
> > problem of raw man power to keep up with the radical changes that are
> > made with GPU hardware from one generation to the next. It isn't
> > nearly as stable as the x86 architecture for example. So open source
> > doesn't benefit as much from the mature efforts of past coders.
> It's a shame really.  AMD is going to lose out in the low-end Linux
> netbook/nettop market, which is the only market other than the server
> market where Linux has a pretty good market share.

Hardly the "only" market. Linux is pretty firmly entrenched in the embedded 
devices market as well as the server market. The Big Boys perceived the 
netbook/nettop market as one they might lose to Linux early on, and are using 
their usual strong-arm methods to try and stay on top of that one.

Linux is running everything from phones to STBs to GPS navigators, and I see 
no real attempt by the Big Boys to try and get that market back, probably 
because their bloated OSes are simply incapable of it.

Brian Wood
beww at beww.org

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