[mythtv-users] LCD and traditional CRT TVs, overscan and UI size and widget placement

Johnny jarpublic at gmail.com
Thu Nov 12 15:39:21 UTC 2009

> To add just a bit more info to this thread for anyone who might benefit
> from it in the future, on a gnome desktop with panel(s), unless you can
> make your GUI window the same size as the screen, your myth window will
> sit "under" the panels.  I guess a window being the same dimensions as
> the screen is gnome's hint to "get out of the way".

You can also just set your panels to auto-hide. This is what I do.
Then you don't see them on the gui or playback. and occasionally when
I need them I just roll the mouse over. This would be more problematic
on a desktop machine, but it works great for myth.

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