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Tue Nov 10 20:53:13 UTC 2009

sections.  Then I clicked OK to let something download and run through
firefox.  Seemed easy enough.  Does this add RPMfusion to the yum repos?
(I'm guessing that's how it works.)

So, if I understand this,
	1.  I'll let the mythTV install create the mythtv user.
	2.  I'll use something like "media" as my login user.
	3.  I'll continue to initialize the mySQL database with
	4.  I won't run mythfilldatabase since all my program information
comes from ATSC OTA.

I'm guessing PackageKit is the real name of the stuff that runs behind the
gui add/remove programs under gnome.  I really like it.  Seems it's easier
to checkbox and install one package at a time than to download each rpm and
install.  I'll heed the warning about not checking multiple packages at this

I started with mythTV years ago using Jarod's howTo.  I'm pretty sure I
couldn't have done it without that howTo.  Today's add/remove program makes
it all far easier. Or, maybe it's because the 950Q tuner driver is already
in the kernel :-)

Thanks for all the info.

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