[mythtv-users] LCD and traditional CRT TVs, overscan and UI size and widget placement

David Brodbeck gull at gull.us
Wed Nov 11 20:25:09 UTC 2009

Tortise wrote:
> I have a 32" "semi HD" CRT TV which has the "wow" shown but on the right 
> hand side, I was going to get the dealer to come and adjust the set as I 
> had assumed that was a minor malignment of the tube that they might be 
> able to correct.  2 others similar TV's / setups I have do not have that 
> bendy "feature".

You can try, but it probably won't help.  Some computer monitors have 
elaborate adjustments for that sort of thing but TV's often don't, 
unless they're really expensive or designed to be professional video 
monitors.  The assumption is that overscan will hide these minor 
alignment variations.

You may even find the "wow" moves around depending on the screen 
content.  Often lines with bright areas will bow one way and dark areas 
another.  Sometimes the whole picture will shrink slightly on bright 
scenes and grow slightly on dark scenes, due to poor power supply 

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