[mythtv-users] Any interest in html5's <video> tag in mythweb?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Wed Nov 11 18:45:48 UTC 2009

On 11/11/2009 04:52 AM, xavier hervy wrote:
> Ajay Sharma wrote:
>> I was thinking about replacing the flash player in mythweb with the 
>> new <video> element.  I searched the myth-users and -dev lists and 
>> didn't really see much about it other then, "it's not widely 
>> supported".  Which is understandable, but I think it should be an 
>> option at least.
>> Last night I was messing around with ffmpeg2theora and was able to 
>> convert a couple of .nuv's into .ogv's and was able to display them 
>> in a browser.  It was surprisingly straightforward.
>> So I'm thinking about making a patch to mythweb where if you have a 
>> supported browser, the right codec, and the actual .ogv file, then 
>> use the <video> tag, otherwise fallback to the flash methods.
>> Just wondering if there's any interest in this as there are still a 
>> couple of issues.  I think the .flv conversion happens on-the-fly 
>> when you load up the video.  ffmpeg2theora is kinda slow and I'm not 
>> sure if it can happen in real-time.  Creating a user-job to run 
>> ffmpeg2theora on every video will solve this but then you're going to 
>> basically have a bunch of .ogv files lying around...   I figured I'd 
>> get the <video> tag to show up first and then worry about the 
>> long-term issues later.
> I suppose mythbackend should have something to handle conversion and 
> expiracy ...
> I am using my n95 to play recording video from myth using the Video 
> Center.
> This require the video to be reencoded and it can not be done on the fly.
> My script make sure the transcoded video is deleted if it does not 
> exist anymore in myth, but it would be nice if we add a program to do 
> this one for all. 

That is /exactly/ why the Flash implementation in MythWeb is considered 
a proof of concept and is not supported.  Until we don't need to run 
ffmpeg on the MythWeb host, all solutions are just broken.

There is some work happening to allow Myth to manage multiple files for 
recordings and to transcode to various formats.  Until that's done, 
changes to the proof-of-concept Flash streaming stuff are very unlikely.


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