[mythtv-users] New frontend... Atom?

Martin Bene Martin.Bene at icomedias.com
Wed Nov 11 15:47:15 UTC 2009

Hi Steve,

> My Sky Navigator remote alledgedly uses the RC5 protocol, but in my 
> experience the timings are a bit too weird (I could only get it working 
> in raw mode under lirc).  So I have been working off the theory that 
> "smart" IR receivers (e.g. USB based things) are probably a bit too smart 
> and will expect the remote to do a standard protocol.  I don't have any 
> actual experience of non-dumb receivers though to back this assumption up.

I've got a couple of Revo 3600 Boxes and continued using (RC5) remotes that I had used with lirc/serial on previous boxes. I used IgorPlug-USB receivers, these are basically the equivalent of the old lirc_serial drivers, just with an usb interface. I got mine on ebay for 8$ or so.

Bye, Martin

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