[mythtv-users] Transcode problems

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Wed Nov 11 15:07:17 UTC 2009

I have a self-built 0.22.

I am trying to rip and transcode DVDs.  I've never tried transcoding 
with myth; I've always done this manually with mencoder, so I figured 
this was a good opportunity to get up to speed on Myth transcoding.  I 
apparently have some cruft left over in the database as the transcode 
job is failing:

06:36:16: launching job: job dvd 1 1 2 0 -1 /data20/mythtv/movies/Australia
06:36:54: transcode command will be: 'transcode -i 
/data20/mythtv/tmp/Australia/vob/ -g 720x480 -M 2 -y xvid,null -o 
/dev/null --log_no_color -R 1,twopass.log'
06:36:54: job thread beginning to rip dvd title
06:58:49: job thread finished ripping dvd title
06:58:53: Error: Exiting runTranscode(1) transcode exit code: 252

I symlinked /usr/local/bin/mythtranscode to transcode (for some reason 
using mythtranscode in the Setup options didn't take).

When I run the transcode command by itself I get:

selene:/data20/mythtv/tmp# transcode -i 
/data20/mythtv/tmp/Australia/vob/ -g 720x480 -M 2 -y xvid,null -o 
/dev/null --log_no_color -R 1,twopass.log
Unknown option: -g
Usage: transcode <--chanid <channelid>>
    <--starttime <starttime>> <--profile <profile>>

    --mpeg2          or -m: Perform MPEG2 to MPEG2 transcode.
    --ostream <type> or -e: Output stream type.  Options: dvd, ps.
    --chanid         or -c: Takes a channel id. REQUIRED
    --starttime      or -s: Takes a starttime for the
                            recording. REQUIRED
    --infile         or -i: Input file (Alternative to -c and -s)
    --outfile        or -o: Output file
    --profile        or -p: Takes a profile number or 'autodetect'
                            recording profile. REQUIRED
    --honorcutlist   or -l: Specifies whether to use the cutlist.
                          Optionally takes a cutlist as an argument
                            when used with --infile.
    --inversecut          : Specifies a list of frames to keep
                            while cutting everything else out.
                            Only works with --infile.
    --allkeys        or -k: Specifies that the output file
                            should be made entirely of keyframes.
    --fifodir        or -f: Directory to write fifos to
                            If --fifodir is specified, 'audout' and 'vidout'
                            will be created in the specified directory
    --fifosync            : Enforce fifo sync
    --buildindex     or -b: Build a new keyframe index
                            (use only if audio and video fifos are read 
    --video               : Specifies that this is not a mythtv recording
                            (must be used with --infile)
    --showprogress        : Display status info to the stdout
    --recorderOptions <OPTIONS>
                    or -ro: Pass a comma-separated list of
                            recordingprofile options to override
                            values in the database.
    --verbose level  or -v: Use '-v help' for level info
    --help           or -h: Prints this help statement.

No -g....

How do I fix this?


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