[mythtv-users] MythArchive only sees 10 out of 100s of recordings (was: Burning DVDs from MythFrontEnd)

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Wed Nov 11 13:22:09 UTC 2009


I think I solved some of my problems:

When I did select a recording to archive to a DVD there was no 
indication on the DVD archive screen how much disk space was to be used. 
  That was probably because there was not a temporary DVD archive 
directory set aside.  After doing this the bar graph became active.

However, I am still unable to "see" all of my recordings.  I only see 10 
out of 100s.  In fact I only see about 6 out of dozens of line ups.

This is debian so I "purged" and re-installed the mytharchive package, 
but that didn't help.  Even if this was a caching problem you would 
think eventually mytharchive would have to go out and re-cache the list 
of valid recordings.


stuart wrote:
> Hi...
> Burning DVDs from MythFrontEnd (I only see some of the shows)
> Oddest thing, I tried "archiving" a show to a DVD and I can not find it 
> within the "all" list when inside the MythFrontEnd burning DVD application.
> Actually about 90% of recorded shows accessible from the 
> MediaLibrary/WatchRecordings menu do not show up in the 
> OpticalDisk/ArchiveFilesExportVidioFiles/CreateDVD => SelectArchiveItems 
> => AddRecordings => All list!
> I just did a myth database optimization.  The mythtv network I have set 
> up (2 debian boxes running myth .21) is very up to date.  I am clueless 
> as to what to try next.  Anyone have any ideas?
> More stuff:
> - The shows available for burning are not necessarily the newest.  They 
> span several days.
> - There is over 1TB of shows available on 2 different back ends in 3 
> different HDD partitions.
> - I checked, the MBE box is currently connected to the slave back end.
> - There are 4 tuners, 2 on each back end.
> - Within the myth DVD burn utility, there are also many shows missing 
> (i.e. "star trek", "the simpsons", "CSI" <- many of these are missing).
> -thanks for any help
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