[mythtv-users] Sound only starts after switching to TV

Dave M G martin at autotelic.com
Wed Nov 11 07:25:33 UTC 2009

MythTV users,

I am using Mythbuntu 9.10, although this is an issue that I had in 9.04
as well. I was hoping the upgrade might fix it, but it didn't.

When I first boot up Mythbuntu, and if I open a video or play music,
there is no sound.

However, if I turn on the TV, then there is sound.

After having watched TV once, then sound is available for everything else.

In short, I need to switch to TV at least once after every reboot in
order to kick start the sound.

Mildly annoying.

Does anyone have any idea why this might be and what can be done about it?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Dave M G

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