[mythtv-users] Way OT: Vizio VL370M VGA input doesn't seem to display 1920 pixels

John Finlay finlay at moeraki.com
Wed Nov 11 02:54:01 UTC 2009

Patrick Doyle wrote:
> This is way off topic, but I can't imagine another group of people who
> would know about this sort of issue than the folks that read this
> list.  If you know of a more appropriate forum to ask the following
> question, please feel free to direct me in that direction.
> I just hooked my MacBook up to my HD (1080p capable) Vizio LCD
> television via the VGA input port.  The display was configured
> (automatically) for 1920x1080, yet when I looked up at the screen,
> there were black bars on the left and right of a suspiciously 4:3
> image.  I popped up the TV menu for the screen setting (strangely
> called "Wide") I was given 2 options: "Normal" and "Stretch" (I
> think).  In "Normal" mode, I got the black bars.  In "stretch" mode, I
> was unable to see the close button on the far left of the display.
> Any ideas why this might be so?  Is there something strange about
> 1920x1080 VGA mode for Vizio TVs?
> Is there something strange about 1920x1080 mode for the output of a MacBook?
Does your vizio provide edid information? When you press the Guide 
button on the remote what does the vizio list as the resolution?

I had a similar problem with my vizio but it wasn't providing edid info 
for the vga input and I had set a modeline in X whcih seemd to work OK 
but wasn't right. The resulting display was squashed horizontally and I 
had to stretch the display to make it look right. Ultimately I was able 
to tweak the modeling to get it to use the native resolution. My vzio is 
720p resolution so my experience may not be applicable to your situation.


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